Your relationship with your ex after divorce

The relationship you have with your ex after the divorce proceedings go through is never something smooth and natural; it requires significant work from both sides as well as good intentions. But putting in the effort from the start can mean great success when it comes to making decisions together and raising your children.

This blog with provide advice on how you can start to put the romantic aspect of your relationship behind you and work together toward a supportive relationship with your ex for the future.

Let those emotions live in the past

Habits can be difficult to break, and you will know this if you were married to your ex for several years. But if you are to make progress in your relationship, you should put these emotions behind you and focus on creating a practical partnership where you can focus only on the best interests of your children.

Focus on yourself and what is best for you

In your marriage, you may have felt that you lost yourself in the process of trying to make things work. But now that your marriage is over, you must start to concentrate on yourself more and ask what you really want out of life and out of your relationships. This means getting your own space and setting boundaries.

Know when your boundaries are crossed

If you are feeling intimidated or threatened by your ex when trying to communicate about practicalities such as those that concern your children, it might be time to start considering mediation or legal guidance that can help set some legal boundaries.

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