Your Will Is The Foundation Of Your Estate Plan

All estate plans have a last will and testament as the cornerstone. For some, robust estate planning may include revocable, living or other types of trusts. Many others can attain their estate planning goals with a simple will.

Keep in mind that no matter a person’s level of assets, powers of attorney for financial and health care decisions are necessary for planning needs both before and after death.

What Can A Will Do?

A will, or last will and testament, is a legally enforceable document that can be used to transfer, divide or liquidate assets and property for the benefit of individual beneficiaries, charitable organizations or other entities. Wills can also include the nomination of a legal guardian for minor and/or special needs children, as well as instructions regarding their care, education and maintenance.

A will should identify and appoint a trusted person to act as the personal representative of their estate. This individual is responsible for carrying out the wishes and instructions as specified in the will. The instructions and wishes contained in a will become effective only upon death.

Any time prior to death, you may amend or revoke your will. For a will to be enforceable, the maker must sign in the presence of two witnesses and a notary public. These safeguards are required to ensure the will was created by a person with sound mind and full mental faculties, and was completed without duress or undue influence.

Why Is It Important To Act Now?

Unfortunately, we generally cannot predict the end of life. Many people fail to establish the most basic estate plan, with the presumption that there will be time to do that at some point in the future. Creating a will now ensures that your estate is in order, which will surely reduce issues and complications for loved ones as they work through the already difficult process of losing a loved one. Above all else, it provides a sense of achievement and peace of mind in protecting both your family and your wishes.

Let Us Draft The Will You Need

At Lincoln & Wenk, PLLC, our attorneys will listen to your needs and translate those needs into a valid will that clearly communicates your wishes in a legally enforceable manner. While we realize there are alternative options available, there is no substitute for having the guidance of a seasoned legal professional to ensure that your will is valid, meets the legal requirements under state law and incorporates the intricacies of your particular estate needs and goals.

We focus on taking care of our clients and meeting their specific needs. There are few other professional services that require such a personal relationship; we pride ourselves on the cultivation and preservation of those relationships.

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Consult With An Attorney On Your Unique Estate Planning Needs

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