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Skilled Guidance in Arizona Property Division

Aside from custody and other issues regarding children, there is no more highly contentious aspect of divorce than the distribution of assets, property and debts. Whatever their occupations and levels of sophistication, many people confronting a marital dissolution are shocked by the “letter of the law” in this regard.

Let Us Help You Achieve Your Goals Regarding The Division Of Marital Property

Arizona is a community property state. Essentially, unless a valid prenuptial agreement exists, the vast majority of all money and property received or earned by either spouse during the marriage is subject to 50-50 division in divorce. This includes retirement accounts, stock options, personal collections and just about any other valuable asset you can name.

If you have a lot on the line in a high net worth divorce, your financial situation going forward may well depend not only on your attorney’s specific legal knowledge, but also on his or her financial acumen and access to quality professional resources. At Lincoln & Wenk, PLLC, we exercise extreme diligence and rigor in defending our clients’ financial interests. Our proven capabilities cover the spectrum of:

  • Comprehensive, proactive investigation and analysis to ensure full financial disclosure is provided by the opposing party when property division may be contested
  • Due diligence to bring forth evidence that specific assets should be treated as separate property, rather than marital
  • Reliance on top-quality experts for testimony on issues such as the proper valuation of a business or professional practice
  • Specific understanding of allocation of military pensions and other key issues in a military divorce
  • Full-service representation on other financial issues such as negotiation or litigation of any spousal maintenance order

Turn To Adept Negotiators And Trial-Proven Divorce Litigators

From full-service offices in Phoenix, Peoria and Goodyear, the property division lawyers at our firm emphasize resolution through negotiation or mediation whenever possible. However, we are also trial-ready advocates willing and able to go the distance to secure a just outcome and provide you with the financial security you deserve.

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