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Proposed tax plan would eliminate alimony deduction

If you're contemplating divorce or in the midst of one, you've likely heard that the tax bill that's currently being considered in Congress includes a provision to eliminate the tax deduction for people who pay alimony. Further, alimony would no longer be taxed as income for those who receive it.

The proposed changes would apply to anyone whose divorce agreement is finalized after Dec. 31 of this year. It hasn't been determined whether they would apply to current spousal support agreements that are amended after year-end 2017.

4 things you should know about mental illness and divorce

Whether your mental illness is the reason for your divorce or just one of many factors, you need to understand how it can affect your situation in court.

These are some things that you should know long before you ever step foot in court:

Helping your kids enjoy the first post-divorce holiday season

The first holiday season after a separation or divorce can be a challenging and emotionally-fraught one for parents. However, it's essential to make it one that your kids will remember fondly and not try to block from their memories when they're older.

First, parents need to determine ahead of time how they will divide your time with the kids long before their first day of winter break. Having a parenting plan in place that details custody arrangements during holidays, special occasions and vacations is key. However, if you haven't yet finalized a parenting plan, communication and cooperation are crucial.

What can you do if your ex is disparaging you?

Not all divorces are amicable. Too often, one or both spouses have residual anger and other emotions that may only get worse as the divorce proceedings unfold.

Unlike several decades ago when the worst thing they could do is berate you to friends, family members and assorted colleagues, now an ex's angry or false words can go viral throughout social media (or at least throughout your network of Facebook friend and Twitter followers). So what can you do if your ex or soon-to-be-ex is talking trash about you?

Is your spouse hiding assets using cryptocurrency?

ncreasingly, people transfer money electronically and through all sorts of methods that didn't exist just a few decades ago. That means it can be challenging to ensure that you have an accurate picture of what you and your spouse are entitled to split and what your spouse can afford to pay in spousal and child support.

Cryptocurrency is a relatively new type of asset. One of the most famous cryptocurrencies is Bitcoin. It provides a way to transfer money directly without it going through a bank or government entity.

A wrong way to handle things: Child custody swap ends in arrests

There's a right way and a wrong way to handle things when you have to meet up with someone to make a routine custody exchange.

Two women decidedly picked the wrong way to handle the exchange of a 4-year-old child. The intent behind the exchange was allowing the child to have some time with his or her other parent.

Common reasons for divorce -- Does one apply to you?

Each divorce is as unique as the couple in its middle. However, the most common reasons why marriages end fall into a relatively few categories.

Some couples experience these issues in their marriage and find a way to work through them. For others, the best solution is to go their separate ways.

How to share your kids' Halloween fun with their co-parent

When you and your children's co-parent drafted your parenting plan during your divorce, the two of you determined how custody would be split during important holidays. But did you consider Halloween?

Now that it's around the corner, if you have young children, you're likely remembering just how important this fall holiday can be to them.

Special needs loved ones can benefit from special needs trusts

If you are caring for a person with special needs or you have a child with special needs, you may have concerns over what will happen to that individual when you are no longer available to provide help and support. This is a serious issue, but you do not have to leave this matter to chance. With the right estate planning tools, you can continue to care for a specific member of your Arizona family long after you are gone. 

One of the ways that you can do this is through a special needs trust. You can set up this in addition to having a will, setting aside assets and money for the care and provision for a loved one with special needs. If you think you could benefit from this tool, you would be wise to learn how you can add it your existing estate plan as soon as possible.

Even without a 'death tax' estate planning will be necessary

As the U.S. Congress debates the tax reform plan championed by the Trump administration and Republican lawmakers, many people with considerable assets to leave their families look forward to taking advantage of one of the plan's key elements if it passes. That's the elimination of the estate tax -- commonly known as the "death tax."

Those who have supported the elimination of this federal tax for years argue that it taxes inheritances on which people already have to pay income tax -- thus requiring them to pay taxes twice on the same assets.

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