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Are Substantial Assets Part Of Your Divorce?

Financial prosperity does not protect against a marital breakdown, nor are significant financial resources within a marriage a signal that settlement of differences will be within easy reach. In fact, when couples with substantial wealth and resources must part ways, it is essential for both parties to find practical lawyers who are determined to protect their individual interests.

At Lincoln & Wenk, PLLC, you will work on a personal level with a dedicated Arizona family law attorney who will empathize with your important financial concerns. Your future matters to us. You will know that from day one, and you will always be able to reach your lawyer for answers and guidance through every phase of your divorce case or another family law matter.

Let Us Help You Successfully Navigate Your High Net Worth Divorce

Our divorce attorneys help high net worth clients maintain the financial status and security they have worked so hard to achieve. This includes not only business leaders, executives and professionals, but also supportive spouses who have contributed to their success. We are exceptionally prepared to:

  • Thoroughly assess your case in light of business ownership, offshore holdings, stock options and other complexities
  • Perform intensive investigation to expose your divorcing spouse’s hidden income or assets, enlisting top-quality forensic accountants and other experts as needed
  • Strive to ensure your rights are protected in other financial aspects of your case, including the issuance of child support and spousal maintenance orders

You Deserve Rigorous Protection Of Your Interests

Lawyers with limited experience may overlook opportunities to help you get a more favorable divorce settlement; some will shy away from the possibility of trial litigation. Our legal team is willing and able to go the distance if that is what it takes — and that requires extensive preparation and active communication.

Protect Your Financial Security With A Knowledgeable Attorney

We are committed to providing compassionate, forward-looking divorce representation. We also want to prevent you from looking back with regret that you should have been treated better financially. For a personally attentive consultation with a knowledgeable lawyer, please contact us by calling 623-748-4890 or reach out to us online now.