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The past couple of years have been a whirlwind of rapidly changing law regarding the ability of same-sex couples to marry. For many same-sex couples here in Arizona, the ability to marry is still so new that they have not yet needed to think about the other aspects of family law that come with the ability to marry such as divorce, child custody, child support, property division and spousal support.

Now that same-sex marriage is simply marriage, the divorce of a same-sex couple is like any other couple’s divorce from a legal standpoint. This makes it very important that you work with an attorney who has extensive experience and skill in divorce and LGBT family law issues. Our firm has decades of combined experience working to help our clients through the divorce process.

Understanding The Differences

While divorce laws apply equally to divorcing same-sex-couples, the circumstances that need to be dealt with in such divorces can present new and challenging situations that require a depth of understanding of the lives of same-sex couples and their families. Our firm is committed to offering all of our clients representation that understands how to achieve the goals they need to accomplish.

Let Us Help You Through The Same-Sex Divorce Process

At Lincoln & Wenk, PLLC, we are committed to taking care of our clients. We know how difficult the divorce process is, and we do everything we can to help our clients make it through the challenging times they face. With more than 25 years of combined experience working to create effective resolutions, we can be the effective advocate you need to help you secure the future you want.

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