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What Is An Uncontested Divorce?

When the parties are able to move through the divorce proceedings and come to an agreement without the need for litigation, it’s often referred to as an uncontested divorce. An uncontested divorce allows the parties to get through the divorce process quickly and on their own terms, without the need for court hearings or significant attorneys’ fees.

In a typical uncontested divorce, parties are able to reach agreements on all of the issues before the initial divorce paperwork is even filed. In those situations, the agreements can be memorialized in the initial divorce petition and filed with the court. Once the paperwork is served on the other party (or the other party accepts service), and the requisite sixty (60) day grace period for a divorce in Arizona has expired, a decree can be submitted to the court to finalize the divorce.

In some cases, parties may want to modify their agreements prior to finalizing the divorce. A decree can be drafted to reflect the new agreements, but will need to be signed and notarized by both parties before the divorce can be finalized.

What Are The Advantages Of An Uncontested Divorce?

The inherent advantage of an uncontested divorce is that it is a less costly and often times quicker process. There are other, less obvious, advantages as well, including the fact that it saves parties from the stress and emotional toll otherwise associated with a typical divorce. The parties to an uncontested divorce also avoid leaving major life decisions to a complete stranger (a judge), and are able to move forward from their marriage on their own terms. And children to an otherwise contentious divorce are spared from being indirectly affected by the conflict between their parents.

Let Us Help You Navigate An Uncontested Divorce

Dissolving a marriage can be expensive, even if you haven’t been married for long. Using the guidance of experienced family law attorneys can help couples save money and get through the uncontested divorce process quickly. At Lincoln & Wenk, PLLC, we will work hard to find a more efficient and effective way to get you through the dissolution of your marriage.

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