What Disqualifies You From Alimony in Arizona?

Even amicable divorces are messy. You carry the burdens of keeping your children’s lives as stable as possible while struggling with the emotional duress that often comes with detangling your life from your spouse’s. You might need spousal support or face the consequences of providing it. What disqualifies you from alimony in Arizona? Lincoln &

What To Do If Your Spouse Is Intentionally Delaying Divorce in Arizona

Are you in the process of divorcing your spouse, but your ex is intentionally delaying divorce? Divorce is hard enough when both parties are on good terms, but that’s not often the case. As experienced divorce lawyers in Goodyear, AZ, Lincoln & Wenk can help you overcome a problematic spouse and get your divorce proceedings back

4 Things You Should Know About Mental Illness and Divorce

Divorce can be a complex and emotionally challenging process, especially when mental illness is involved. Whether your mental health condition is a contributing factor to the divorce or not, it’s crucial to understand its potential impact on legal proceedings. Here are four key things you should know: Changing Perspectives on Mental Illness: Fortunately, societal attitudes

Can You Divorce Without Splitting Assets?

Are you considering a divorce but worried about splitting up everything you own? You’re probably wondering, “Can you divorce without splitting assets?” As popular divorce lawyers in Phoenix, Lincoln & Wenk works hard to advocate for your interest during divorce proceedings and can help you navigate this difficult time. With decades of experience, we’re passionate about

Is Dating During Divorce Adultery?

For married couples who make the difficult decision to divorce, it’s only a matter of time before they start to move on and form new relationships. If you or your spouse are still technically married but going through divorce proceedings, the idea of dating raises many questions, including “Is dating during divorce adultery?” Learn more

What Can Be Used Against You in a Divorce?

Are you considering ending your marriage and want to prepare for divorce? You could benefit from a better understanding of what can be used against you in a divorce.  As an experienced divorce lawyer in Phoenix, Lincoln & Wenk can help you prepare for the divorce and pursue a favorable outcome. Keep reading to learn what

Understanding the Legal Landscape of Moving Out During Divorce

A change in one’s living situation is often part of divorce proceedings. If you and your partner separate, what does moving out during divorce proceedings mean for each of you? Discover the legal implications of one spouse moving out before the marriage officially dissolves.  The legal team at Lincoln & Wenk, PLLC, explains everything you

Six Tips for Navigating Divorce Due to Infidelity

A marriage may end for a number of reasons, including abuse, addictions, or simply drifting apart. A particularly difficult reason is adultery. If you’re considering filing for divorce due to infidelity, it’s vital that you understand Arizona’s legal system.  An experienced divorce lawyer in Phoenix, AZ, can provide you with tips for dissolving your marriage under this circumstance.

How to Prove Separate Property in a Divorce in Arizona

Do you plan to state your wedding vows in the future? Perhaps things aren’t going well. Even if you aren’t expecting to file for divorce, understanding how to prove separate property in a divorce could benefit your current and future financial health. Married couples collect various assets during their nuptial years, and many will struggle

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