Navigating the Adoption Process in Arizona: What You Need To Know

Families in Arizona may have different reasons for choosing adoption, like infertility, a personal calling to adopt, or bonding with a child through family ties or foster care. Whichever type of adoption you pursue, it’s a life-changing step for your family and the child. Before you embark on the adoption process in Arizona, we recommend

Jewish families face special challenges when it comes to adopting

Adoption is a notoriously slow, expensive and frustrating process. Thousands of people who would like to add a child to their family wind up stymied in red tape or an interminable wait for a child who meets their family’s adoptive criteria. Certain populations will face far more frustrations and delays when attempting to adopt than

The challenges and benefits of stepparent adoption

When you married someone who already had a child, you understood the great responsibility you were accepting. Stepparenting can be challenging and rewarding, and it takes a special person to embrace a child who is not his or hers biologically. While your situation as it is may be comfortable enough, you may desire to have the personal

How should prospective adoptive parents prepare for a home visit?

Adopting a child can be a long, stressful, frustrating process. One of the most important early steps is the home study. These studies, which are a required part of the adoption process, help adoption agencies learn more about the prospective parents and others in the home where the child would be living as well as

The number of single men adopting children is growing — slowly

Iincreasingly, single people are choosing to become parents through adoption. They may not have found someone they want to marry or perhaps don’t want to marry. However, they want to be a parent. Being single is no longer a barrier to adoption for most agencies, as long as a person can demonstrate that he or

Think an adoption agency will turn you down? Think again

Some people who want to adopt a child rule themselves out before they even consult an adoption agency. However, factors that too many people assume disqualify them from becoming adoptive parents aren’t always deal-breakers. We’ll look at four of those here — and the reality Age Obviously, there has to be some consideration of age

Considering older child adoption

Making the decision to adopt is a life-changing choice, and it can take a great deal of thought and consideration to come to that decision. But once you’ve made that decision, there are a lot of other things to consider: Will you go for an open or closed adoption? Will you adopt a newborn child

Choosing between open and closed adoption

Traditionally, closed adoptions are very common. However, in the last few decades, open adoptions have become an option that many birth parents and adoptive parents have begun to consider, both for themselves and for the well-being and future of the child. This blog will give an impartial overview on the legalities of closed and open

Talk to your kids about adoption

You already have two children, but you want to expand your family. You considered adoption before your first child was born, but never did it. Now you think it may be the right time. You may have a variety of reasons. Maybe you know another family in the community looking to give a child up

How will the adoption process impact you?

Naturally, when thinking about the impact of an adoption, people often consider the way it will affect the child. They search for ways to make it easier on the child and to make the transition go smoothly. This is important, but you also want to think about how it’s going to impact you. First of

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