Understanding your property may be vital during divorce

Though you may have known several people throughout your life who have gone through divorce, you may not have known what to expect when the time came for your own. At first, you may have been caught unawares, or maybe you felt that it was for the best, but once you started thinking about the

Should you go through divorce, make sure you have legal counsel

Imagine you and your spouse are going through a rough patch in your marriage. After years of happiness, even the most basic tasks in your life bring out unhappy emotions and lead to small arguments between the two of you. As a result, you both think that it is time for a divorce. But, you

Consider what to include in a prenuptial agreement

Many couples who decide to get married may talk about their financial situation and come to the conclusion that they need a prenuptial agreement. The contract protects both spouses and can outline a wide variety of responsibilities and clauses that are inherent to marriage. But when you decide to create a prenuptial agreement, it isn’t

A few ways to minimize risk of social media use during divorce

A few weeks ago, we wrote about social media and divorce. This is a very touchy subject, because while it is incredibly important and though it does pose a risk to many people, ultimately social media is a tool that has become an integral part of the world. In that post from a few weeks

Be very careful when using social media during a divorce

When it comes to social media and divorce, there’s only one rule to live by if you want to eliminate any risks: don’t use social media during a divorce. It is the only way to truly protect yourself from the dangers of social media while you and your spouse are calling it quits. We bring

Should I separate from my spouse, or just get a divorce?

Many people in Phoenix, Arizona have probably heard about couples “separating,” and they may think to themselves “is there any difference between that and getting a divorce?” The answer is yes. Separating from your spouse is different than actually getting a divorce, so let’s look at what makes these two family law statuses what they

Some things to do (and avoid) during divorce

When you and your spouse are going through a divorce, everything in your life will feel more complicated. Even though you know what you’re doing is for the best, it can still turn your life upside-down. However, there are some concrete steps you can take — and some unfortunate actions to avoid — that will

Actor Guy Pearce announces divorce from wife

Many people in Phoenix, Arizona know about actor Guy Pearce. He has been in some major movies over the last 20 years, including “Memento,” “Prometheus,” “Iron Man 3” and many other films that can’t quite make the cut here (lest we make a blog post that looks more like a Wikipedia page). Pearce made the

The basics of spousal support, and why record-keeping is crucial

When a couple files for divorce, financial issues are usually at the top of the list. Even if they aren’t, each person is going to have a dramatically different financial life after the divorce than when they were married. This is why, in some circumstances, spousal support is awarded to one of the spouses. Spousal

What does a divorce timeline look like anyway?

While you may know the basics of a divorce, many people may not know the legal process of going through a divorce. So today, we are going to talk about a simple timeline of events that are likely to occur when a couple decides it is time to walk back that walk down the aisle.

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