How Does a Family Trust Work in Arizona?

If you’re looking to protect your assets for your family after you die, you’re probably wondering, “How does a family trust work in Arizona?” Family trusts have several advantages over wills, but you might have trouble understanding all its nuances, especially considering Arizona law. Keep reading to discover what the competent trust lawyers in Arizona at Lincoln

How To Transfer Guardianship of a Disabled Person in Arizona

Disabled persons may need a guardian to handle anything from medical care to living arrangements on their behalf. So, what happens when there’s a need for custody change for disabled adults or when a disabled person moves to Arizona? Read on to learn how to transfer guardianship of a disabled person in Arizona or to

What can you do if your adult child won’t get a prenup?

Your child has announced that they’re getting married. Even if you’ve already grown to love their spouse-to-be, you still want them to have a prenuptial agreement to protect the assets your child already has and especially those they’ll accumulate and/or inherit in the future. There’s one big hurdle: They don’t intend to get a prenup.

Helping your children adapt to living in two homes

Divorcing is something that you and your spouse both agree is necessary, but what you aren’t sure how to handle is your children’s reaction to the separation. You want them to be comfortable in both homes, but you know that the changes may make them uncomfortable no matter where they are. Fortunately, there are some

What can you do if your ex is interfering with your parenting time?

The most painful part of the aftermath of a divorce is the effect that shared parenting time has on the divorced couple’s children. Children need a solid and stable relationship with both of their parents in order to thrive and overcome the trauma of the divorce. Thus, it can be devastating when one parent decides

Useful tips when telling the children about divorce

Parents often discuss divorce for a long time before they mention it to their children. The children may know that something is wrong in the relationship, or they may be completely oblivious. But there will eventually come a time when you need to sit down with your kids and tell them about this upcoming change.

Will the divorce courts punish your ex for their adultery?

Finding out that your spouse has committed adultery is painful and often shocking. You may feel as though you have shared your life with a stranger because you never thought that your spouse was capable of such a betrayal. It can be difficult for people to process and move on from spousal infidelity. Although some

Why a majority of second marriages end in divorce

Studies have shown that second marriages in Arizona and throughout the country are even more likely than first marriages to end in divorce. One of the most common reasons is that couples tend to rush into second marriages before the first marriage has been resolved. They might not have ended the previous relationship or finalized

Does adultery mean that divorce is inevitable?

For many people, faithfulness is a key component of the marital agreement. During your wedding, you and your spouse promise in front of your family and friends to cherish one another and remain faithful no matter what life brings your way. Sadly, not everyone can follow through on their promises of marital fidelity. Finding out

Are you financially ready for life after divorce?

Regardless of the circumstances surrounding your divorce, you can’t get so caught up in the moment that you overlook the impact it will have on your future. One of the most important things you can do is financially prepare yourself for life after divorce. Doing so allows you to make sound decisions during your divorce,

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