Who Needs a Living Trust in Arizona?

Are you considering opening a trust to protect your assets and help your family fairly divide what you’ll leave behind? You’re probably wondering, “Who needs a living trust?” As Arizona’s experienced trust attorney, the team at Lincoln & Wenk provides advice about and quality administration of living trusts. Here, they discuss everything you should know about a

Do I Need a Trust to Avoid Probate in Arizona?

One common question estate lawyers hear is, “Do I need a trust to avoid probate?” Reach out to an experienced trust attorney in Arizona if you’re curious about estate planning and want to make the probate process as seamless as possible for your loved ones. Discover ways to bypass the probate process in this comprehensive guide. How

How To Choose an Estate Planning Attorney in Arizona

When you’re ready to start estate planning, your first step is selecting the right lawyer to help you draft a legally valid will and other documents. There are many experienced attorneys in Goodyear, AZ, but how do you find the perfect fit for you? Find out how to choose an estate planning attorney who suits your

Three Financial Obligations That Can Diminish Someone’s Legacy

During the Arizona probate process, family members and individuals named as beneficiaries in the deceased’s estate planning paperwork can become the legal owners of property that previously belonged solely to the decedent. A testator who has created an estate plan could name anyone that they care about as a beneficiary set to receive some of

Understanding reciprocal or mirror wills

Oftentimes, married couples who want to keep their estate planning as simple as possible consider creating a joint will. However, true joint wills are rarely used nowadays and often aren’t recognized by probate courts. One of the many issues with joint wills is that because they are signed by both spouses, once one of them

What to include in every estate plan

Regardless of age or net worth, you should always consider creating an estate plan. Without one, your assets and personal wishes after you’re gone might not be fulfilled the way you’d like them to be. However, people often overlook many essential components when drafting their estate plans. So, what elements should you incorporate into your estate

Why you should update your estate plan after a divorce

Divorce is a life-altering event that brings about significant changes in various aspects of your life. While the emotional and financial implications of divorce are obvious, it’s easy to overlook the impact a divorce can have on your estate plan. Are you unsure about the importance of updating your estate plan during this transitional phase?

Is leaving my home to my grown kids a good idea?

Your home is incredibly important to you on many levels. There’s a sentimental connection to the house where you have so many memories. Additionally, it may be your most valuable asset. As you approach estate planning, you’ll want to take both of these things into account. You may decide that it’s advisable to leave your

Preparing for the unknown: 3 benefits of a living will

Have you ever thought about what would happen if you could not make medical decisions yourself? A severe illness or injury could incapacitate you, making it impossible to communicate your medical preferences, such as the treatment you would want to be used to keep you alive, end-of-life care and other medical decisions. You may have

5 questions to ask when making an estate plan

You’ve finally considered making an estate plan, but you don’t know where to start. Estate plans are complicated legal documents, so it’s only natural to not know all of your options. The following are common questions people have when making an estate plan: Who will be my heirs? You can name nearly anyone to inherit from

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