Tips to handle Shared Custody During the Holiday Season

Navigating Co-Parenting During the Holiday Season: Overcoming Disputes The approaching holidays bring joy and anticipation. Yet, for divorced parents, this time often carries the added burden of navigating child custody arrangements. Rather than a season of rest and celebration, it can become a stressful period filled with disputes and challenges. Common Co-Parenting Disputes During the Holiday: 

Creating a workable virtual visitation plan

Creating a workable virtual visitation plan can help co-parents to maintain a consistent relationship with their children via technology. A well-structured plan can ensure regular communication and meaningful interactions between each parent and their child, whenever the child is residing with the other parent. The keys to a workable virtual visitation plan essentially center on being considerate

3 common challenges that arise in co-parenting arrangements

Shared custody arrangements put a lot of pressure on families. Parents have to abide by a very strict schedule and negotiate any alterations to that schedule ahead of time. They need to communicate with one another and keep the focus on children whenever possible. The children have to deal with frequent transitions and the potential

Can your co-parent withhold visitation?

Divorced parents can go through different things – one month, they are co-parenting successfully, and the following, they are not on good terms. While some try to solve their disputes sooner, other cases become serious, and a parent can be denied visitation. The Arizona Department of Child Safety facilitates parenting time between a child and the noncustodial

Are pets included in your child custody schedule?

As you go through a divorce, you and your spouse have to decide how to divide custody of the children. At the same time, you have to split up all of the assets that you own. You’re essentially just dividing your lives together, and this can be somewhat complicated to get through. One question that

Minimizing the effect of your divorce on your teen

If you’re divorcing when your child is in their teens, you might not be as concerned about how they’ll deal with it as you would have been if they were younger. They probably have friends whose parents are divorced. However, depending on what they’ve heard from those kids, that can make them even more anxious

How do I negotiate a parenting plan that works for everyone?

Negotiating a parenting plan is usually one of the most difficult aspects of divorce. There is plenty to cover, and both parties are bound to claim a plan that suits their best interest. While the issues are equally important, the manner in which divorcing parents negotiate a parenting plan can impact the overall outcome of

5 things you need to get a good custody outcome

Child custody is one of the most crucial aspects to sort out when you divorce. The final outcome will have a massive effect on your child’s future and yours. Here are some of the things you will need to get the result you want: Information You might struggle to think with a clear head during

How can you improve your summer parenting plan?

The summer months are some that most children look forward to because there isn’t a stringent schedule to follow. For the parents, not having the children in school can mean that the parents have to rework the schedule so the kids are taken care of. There are several things that you need to do that

2 factors the family court considers when awarding custody

When a couple that shares a child separates or divorces, one of the issues they will have to reach an agreement on is the custody of their child. And this tends to be one of the most challenging and hard-fought battles during the divorce or separation process. Of course, the court will prefer that parents

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