A prenuptial agreement can save you a lot of trouble

The reality of life is that marriages do not always work out. Some unions fail, even when they initially seemed so promising. It is why you should stay ahead of the situation and avoid being caught flat-footed. A prenuptial agreement can help you plan for such eventualities. When you have a legally binding agreement on the

Who can benefit most from signing a prenup?

Many people in Arizona think of prenuptial agreements as something that only wealthy couples need. While wealthy couples can benefit from signing prenuptial agreements, a prenup can benefit people in a variety of financial situations. Here are some of the other situations where a couple might benefit from signing a prenup. When should a couple

Overview of premarital agreements in Arizona

Like other states, Arizona allows couples to enter into premarital agreements prior to getting married. These agreements are sometimes referred to as “prenuptial agreements” or simply as “prenups.” Premarital agreements may play an important role in a divorce or legal separation, as a couple can use them to specify how their property will get divided. Such

Review of Arizona prenuptial agreements

Many residents of Phoenix have probably heard about prenuptial agreements and may have even learned about them from previous posts here. For many people, including those who have no plans of divorcing or separating, these agreements can be an important legal document which they may need to strongly consider negotiating with their future spouse and

How you can ask for a prenuptial agreement without causing a stir

Divorce is the last thing you want to think about during the months leading up to your wedding. However, if you want to protect yourself, asking for a prenuptial agreement would be in your best interest. With the help of a prenuptial agreement, you’re able to outline everything from the assets you’re bringing into the

Should you consider a postnuptial agreement?

You and your spouse married when you were young. Neither one of you brought any assets into the marriage beyond some second-hand furniture and small savings accounts — dwarfed in value by your student loan debt. You didn’t even consider a prenuptial agreement. However, things have changed. Maybe one of you makes considerably more money

Tips for those considering a prenuptial agreement

Many engaged Arizonans dread broaching the subject of a prenuptial agreement with their partner. They fear it will introduce distrust into the relationship, destroy the romance and force them to discuss the possibility that their marriage could one day end. However, the conversations that are part of developing a prenup can strengthen a relationship —

How to avoid having a prenuptial agreement thrown out in court

A prenuptial agreement can be worthwhile for just about any couple who is tying the knot. However, if you are bringing considerable assets (or debt) into the marriage, have children from a previous marriage or relationship or own a business, a prenup can be particularly valuable should the marriage end. Arizona is a community property

Make sure that your prenuptial agreement is ‘bulletproof’

You’ve heard the saying that something “isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on.” That’s true of prenuptial agreements. If a prenup isn’t drawn up properly and if both parties aren’t fully on-board and understanding of what’s in it, all or part of it can be tossed by a judge during a divorce. A well-known divorce

Why a prenup is wise if you bring assets or debt into marriage

If you’re engaged, chances are that you’ve gotten differing views from family, friends and colleagues on whether or not you should get a prenuptial agreement. Some people may argue that you need to protect yourself and your assets should the marriage end in divorce. Others may contend that getting a prenup can damage a couple’s

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