Creating a workable virtual visitation plan

Creating a workable virtual visitation plan can help co-parents to maintain a consistent relationship with their children via technology. A well-structured plan can ensure regular communication and meaningful interactions between each parent and their child, whenever the child is residing with the other parent.

The keys to a workable virtual visitation plan essentially center on being considerate concerning everyone’s scheduling needs and communication styles.

Establish a schedule

One of the first steps in creating a workable virtual visitation plan is to establish a schedule that works for both parents and child. This schedule should outline specific days and times for virtual visits. Consider the child’s routine, extracurricular activities and other commitments when determining the most suitable time for virtual visits. It’s important to be flexible and accommodate changes when necessary while maintaining consistency as much as possible.

Determine how you’ll communicate

Selecting appropriate modes of communication is crucial for effective virtual visitation. There are various options available, such as video calls, instant messaging, email and even dedicated virtual visitation platforms. Consider a child’s age, technological accessibility and comfort level when deciding on the mode of communication. Video calls can be particularly beneficial as they provide a more immersive and interactive experience.

It’s also important to regularly reassess a virtual visitation plan to ensure its effectiveness and make any necessary adjustments as a child’s needs and family’s circumstances change. If formal adjustments to virtual visitation plans need to be made, parents can communicate mutually agreed-upon changes for the court’s approval. If there’s contention, a parent can seek legal guidance to pursue a formal modification request with the court.

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