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We Understand The Family Law Needs Of Military Service Members

Long separations and other aspects of military service can be hard on marriages. In addition to the issues civilians must resolve when they divorce, active and retired military personnel often face unique concerns involving the logistics of shared parenting, access to military benefits and more.

At Lincoln & Wenk, PLLC, you will find attorneys who understand and empathize with your specific challenges. In fact, we have a veteran-owned law firm. We have an intimate knowledge of military issues and have helped many service members and their spouses navigate divorce and resolve other difficult family law matters.

Genuine Compassion And Practical Legal Guidance You Can Trust

You may have many vital questions ranging from how and where you should file for divorce — or your specific rights if your spouse has filed against you — to know how best to protect your parental rights and relationships with your children. A knowledgeable Phoenix military divorce lawyer at our firm will patiently provide the counsel you need. We will help you think through all issues and find the optimum strategy and approach to your case.

Our experience covers a broad spectrum of matters made more complex by military service and obligations, such as divorce proceedings and child custody disputes when either or both spouses are stationed overseas. Our legal team has helped several clients effectively resolve child relocation initiatives and disputes as well.

The Division Of Military Retirement Benefits

In many divorces involving active personnel or veterans, the division of a military pension is a major consideration. We have in-depth knowledge of the statutes addressing when a spouse qualifies for part of the pension and how much she or he will receive. Division of other assets and awards of spousal maintenance in military divorce cases are also familiar territories for our experienced attorneys.

Learn How An Experienced Military Divorce Lawyer Can Assist You

Using all available technology, we will communicate actively and effectively with you whether you are present in Arizona or stationed anywhere else in the world. To speak with an attorney who will strive to help you reach a fair settlement efficiently and affordably or stand strong to defend your rights in an intensely disputed military divorce, contact us online or call 623-748-4890.