How do I negotiate a parenting plan that works for everyone?

Negotiating a parenting plan is usually one of the most difficult aspects of divorce. There is plenty to cover, and both parties are bound to claim a plan that suits their best interest.

While the issues are equally important, the manner in which divorcing parents negotiate a parenting plan can impact the overall outcome of the process. Here are important tips that can help you negotiate an effective post-divorce parenting plan:

Preparation is critical for success

Negotiating a parenting plan is a very delicate process. As such, you need to come to the negotiation table prepared. Start off by acquainting yourself with Arizona child custody laws. These laws will directly impact your parenting plan, so you are better off familiarizing yourself with them.

Remain calm, composed and polite

Divorce is, without a doubt an emotional process. You may not like your ex at all. However, it is important that you remain calm, focused and peaceful while negotiating your parenting plan. Keep in mind that this may not be a speedy process. As such, bickering or taking a hardline position will not make things any better. Never let emotions get the better of you during the negotiation. Rather, stay focused and put your kids first.

Put the kids first

An effective parent plan is one that addresses the children’s best interests. Not yours. As such, both parties must come ready to make concessions. Think about your children’s well-being, and be ready to make compromises as long as they are in the best interest of your child. A little flexibility will go a long way in ensuring that you reach a settlement that works for everyone.

Negotiating a parenting plan is an art. Find out how you can negotiate a parenting plan that will serve the best interest of the children and work for everyone.

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