Is the second divorce different?

Remarrying shows courage – you went through a divorce but were brave enough to give love another chance. However, irreconcilable issues can make you dissolve your second marriage.

But will it be different this time?

The second and subsequent divorce can be more manageable. Here is why.

You have gone through it before

Divorce in itself can be painful, but the challenges you experience throughout the process (attending hearings, disagreeing with your spouse, researching laws) can worsen matters.

However, since you have been through the process before, a second divorce can be more manageable– you understand the court system, and to an extent, you know what to expect.

You know the parties to work with

Finding attorneys, financial advisors, appraisers and so on during your first divorce may have made the process more difficult. However, this time, you know who to call. This can make your life easier.

You may have made different choices in your second marriage

Chances are you identified issues that may have disadvantaged you in the first divorce and made other choices when you remarried. You and your spouse may have prenuptial agreements, which may not have been the case in your first marriage.

Further, if you went through a contested divorce and didn’t appreciate the process, you may choose uncontested this time from the word go.

You know it will end

Divorce, especially a contested one, can feel endless. Your first divorce may have been more stressful because you didn’t know if it would end. But it did, and you rebuilt your life. With this knowledge and perspective, a second divorce may be easier, especially if you consider factors like moving out during divorce to facilitate the process.

A second divorce may present the same challenges as the first one, but the above-discussed factors can make the process different. It will also help to get legal guidance to protect your interests.

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