Phoenix residents may need help with the probate process

Losing a parent is a saddening experience for any person. The love and care that parents provide is often irreplaceable and, therefore, the emotional stress is often too much to handle for many people. However, in addition to coping with the loss, the heirs need to ensure that the estate of the deceased is managed adequately. Estate administration can include collecting and managing the assets of the estate, paying taxes and debts and distributing assets as directed in the will or by passing the estate through probate.

These estate administration tasks often look straightforward on paper, and it is so if the deceased had a foolproof will in place. However, if the deceased passed away without a will or with a will that was not regularly updated, the estate must pass through probate. Often, probate can pose some serious challenges to the heirs as several people, ranging from family members to friends, can be involved. In fact, this is a major issue among estates of high net-worth individuals because of the money at stake.

Taking all of these issues into consideration, one may agree that the probate process in Arizona can prove to be overwhelming for many people. And that is where we are able to offer help. With combined experience of more than 25 years, the estate planning lawyers at Lincoln & Wenk, PLLC have helped many people in and around Phoenix in passing their estate through the probate process. Whether there existed a will or not, our lawyers are equipped to handle the entire probate process effectively from end to end.

The role of a personal representative during the probate process can often be stressful, complicated and confusing. Therefore, it may be beneficial to have legal support that has adequate experience in the field of probate and estate laws guiding the personal representative through the various stages of probate. For more information, visit the estate planning section of our website. The information you find in this section may help you make an informed decision about the administration of a loved one’s estate.

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