Preparing for the unknown: 3 benefits of a living will

Have you ever thought about what would happen if you could not make medical decisions yourself? A severe illness or injury could incapacitate you, making it impossible to communicate your medical preferences, such as the treatment you would want to be used to keep you alive, end-of-life care and other medical decisions.

You may have mentioned your wishes to your close kin or friends. However, word of mouth has no legal backing as it can be impossible to prove. This is where a living will comes into play.

Think of a living will as a legally enforceable document that outlines your medical choices in the event of incapacitation. When such unexpected events happen, your living will can provide clear directions that should guide your medical team and loved ones on the way forward.

It can save your loved ones a lot of trouble

Picture your loved ones faced with the decision to stop life support since there are no chances of recovery. It can be a hard call without your express instructions. There is also an increased chance of conflict and disagreements among your loved ones since reaching a consensus on such emotive issues can be challenging.

You will have a say in your own care

A living will gives you a say in your medical care even if you cannot communicate due to incapacitation. You can ensure that your healthcare providers and loved ones know exactly what you want rather than leave the matter in the hands of others.

It will give you peace of mind

Knowing that you have a living will should the unexpected happen can take a weight off your shoulders. You do not have to worry about receiving medical treatments against your beliefs or values or being subjected to unnecessary pain and suffering.

Living wills are crucial in incapacitation planning, alongside powers of attorney. It is something you should strongly consider looking into when making your estate plans since life can be unpredictable.

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